by Garance Scharf, 42 minutes

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A coproduction : La Boîte à Songes, Comic Strip Production 

With the participation of CNC,  Périphérie and Ciclic Centre-Val de Loire (Programme d’Entreprise)Tours 

 © La Boîte à Songes / Comic Strip Production  – 2018

The movie

Anna is 23 years old.

She cuts her hair like Louise Brooks, and keeps her long nails like a Lynch actress, and always dresses with a lot of style and charisma: there are so many stories to tell about this 1.50m tall woman.

As today, after an adolescence spent in the margins of society, Anna has finally reached an important crossroad in her life. She wants to make it out of this harmful lifestyle.

The team

Writing and realisation: Garance Scharf

Production: Fanny Chrétien

Editing: Eulalie Korenfeld

Music composer : Adrien Vernet

Sound editing and mixing: Label 42

Poster conception: Manon Lorcet

Prize and Festivals

– Le mois du film documentaire à l’Université Paris 8 

– Rencontres Vidéo en Santé mentale (Cité des Sciences et de l’industrie)

– Lundi soir, les yeux ouverts #3

– Mention au 38ème festival Psy de Lorquin

– Official Selection, Lift-Off Sessions June 2020