Fifteen thousand revolutions per minute

By  Grégoire Darrasse, 52 minutes

A coproduction : La Boîte à Songes, Bip TV

With the participation of CNC,  Procirep-Angoa and Ciclic Centre-Val de Loire

© La Boîte à Songes / Bip TV  — 2020

The movie

In the countryside, Yohann, a 26-year-old mechanic, designs and renovates old motorcycles and café-racer. Céline, her companion, takes care of the administration in parallel with her main job as a specialized educator. At weekends, it’s on the racetracks that they meet, Yohann holds the title of vice-champion of France in side-car cross. Together they create a small world.

The team

Writing and realisation: Grégoire Darrasse

Production : Fanny Chrétien

Editing: Franck Ternier

Soundtrack : Frédéric Duzan

Poster conception: Franck Ternier

Conception affiche : Fabienne Pichonnet

Subtitles : Lucie Boutet

Prize and Festivals

– French Riviera Motorcycle Film Festival 2021, Nice (France)