Great expectations

by Sona Simonyan, 60 minutes

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A coproduction : La Boîte à Songes, TV78

With the participation of CNC,  Procirep-Angoa and Ciclic Centre-Val de Loire 

 © La Boîte à Songes / TV78 – 2020

The movie

Gyumri is the second biggest city in Armenia, and within 8 seconds the earthquake kills 30 000 people, sweeping away over twenty kilometers of land.I was born in this dead city that has stopped growing and has remained ever since under the dark shadow of the catastrophe, and in which every newborn child has in some way had to replace someone who died. Thirty years after, the post-cataclysmic generation of which I am part of, continuously asks itself the same question: to stay or to leave?

The team

Writing and realisation : Sona Simonyan

Consultant-script : Guillaume Levil

Production : Fanny Chrétien

Photography : Nik Voigt

Editing : Julien Chardon

Color grading : Alice Syrakvash

Sound mixing : Mike Baudoncq

Translation : Ani Muradyan

Prize and Festivals

poster of the movie great expectations

–  Festival Traces de Vies, compétition – Clermont-Ferrand (France)

– Rendez-vous du documentaire méditerranéen médiathèque Fellini – Cinemed – Montpellier (France)

– Festival BOZAR – Bruxelles (Belgium)

– Golden Abricot, panorama – Yerevan (Armenia)

– One shot – Yerevan  (Armenia)

– Firm Film Festival IV – Vallladolid (Spain) – Best Documentary Feature

– Bobritsa Film Festival  (Ukraine)

– Fresco International Film Festival – Yerevan (Armenia)

– Festival international du film de Nancy  (France)

– Mente locale – Visioni sul territorio (Italia)