The choice of a life​

By Fanny Chrétien, 52 minutes
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A coproduction : La Boîte à Songes, Comic Strip Production, France Télévisions, Pictanovo and  with the participation of CNC 

© La Boîte à Songes / Comic Strip Production / France Télévisions — 2020

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The Movie

At the age of 22, Marie-Hélène interrupted her teaching career to enter the novitiate of the Sisters of Saint Paul of Chartres. Full of doubts and certainties, she leaves the congregation at the end of the summer, but perhaps she will return…

The Team

Writing and realisation: Fanny Chrétien

Consultant-script: Guillaume Levil

Production: Thierry Aflalou

Editing: Estelle Horrenberger

Sound editing: Lucie Lahore

Color grading: Nicolas Straseele

Music composer: Sylvain Coppin


  • Popoli e religioni, Terni film festival (Italia)
  • Festival Religion Today (Trento, Italia)
  • Christian film festival (Newport News, US)