Waiting the storm

By Fanny Chrétien, 52 minutes

A coproduction : La Boîte à Songes, Bip TV, TV Tours-Val de Loire, CNRS images

With the participation of CNC and Ciclic Centre-Val de Loire 

 © La Boîte à Songes / Bip TV / TV Tours / CNRS images – 2018


The movie

Xavier Delorme is a professional storm chaser. Missioned by Météorage, a subsidiary of MétéoFrance, to capture and photograph lightning, he looks for the best point of view to install his equipment, travelling thousands of kilometers every year depending on the movements of the storm cells.  

This documentary film questions scientists whose research work, in progress, is the key to deciphering the hidden face of the storm. It is above the storm clouds, between the tropopause and the mesopause, that luminous phenomena that can last between 1 millisecond and 2 seconds, are still waiting for a scientific explanation. Among these new phenomena we can observe elves, jets and sprite dancings… a new lens to capture for Xavier Delorme. 

The movie

Writing & réalisation: Fanny Chrétien

Co-author: Bernard Boesplfug, 

Editing: Eulalie Korenfeld 

Sound editing and mixing:  Mike Baudoncq 

Photographic credits:  Guillaume Dambreville

Production : Fanny Chrétien

poster of the movie waiting the storm